New rounded shape for real tube output front loading genuine cd-player !
Tecnology meet desing based on new case for better rigidity and mechanical vibration control :

  • New laser cd mechanism as great readibility > 3 mm error
  • Stable special rubber suspension for reduce internally/external vibration
  • New servo circuits based on 32 bit powerfull microprocessor
  • New functions as: numeric pads for direct track calling, display off/on by remote control handset, variable brightness of display
  • The DAC board is design around 32 bit 192 Khz hi-resolution very low jitter control
  • Pure class A real tubes output without any solid state device on signal path
  • Only one capacitor on signal path as custom made polypropylene
  • Several power supply circuits for all electronic section with great capacitors reserve
  • Large display for long distance simple readibility
  • Selected very low noise tubes as 12AT7/ECC-81 ( 2 )
  • Chassis design for reduce mechanical inner-outer vibration